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About Acupuncture
Fine, sterile needles are used to stimulate and rebalance your own motive energy (known as Qi). This removes blockages or areas of weakness that cause a lack of health, energy, and overall well-being. When the body loses it's innate ability to heal itself, acupuncture restores your natural ability in the healing process.

• Acupuncture is part of a system of medicine used with great success for over 2,000 years, as both a complementary and primary therapy.

• It is effective for a wide range of illness, both acute and chronic, especially for health problems that have not responded to conventional western medicine.

• It is safely used in combination with many other treatments, and is covered by most insurance providers in WA state.


Acupuncture forms part of a system of Chinese Medicine which is based on its own set of physiological & pathological principles. Despite the scrutiny of the scientific establishment, this system continues to stand the test of time.


People often turn towards acupuncture to treat chronic or “idiopathic” conditions for which western medicine have been little help. But acupuncture is also effective in the treatment of acute illness, without subjecting you to the harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals and interventional western medicine.



How does it work?

Acupuncture needles stimulate Qi, which is the motive energy behind everything in the body. Your blood, fluids, and energy are all moved by Qi. When it is either blocked, weakened, or just plain going the wrong direction, then illness ensues. Acupuncture works to rectify these imbalances, so your body can go back to working the way it should.


Modern research theorizes that acupuncture has a similar effect to that of infrared therapies, which is known to stimulate vascularity in both the body and the brain. Increased blood flow triggers a sympathetic response of endorphins, inciting the healing process and stopping pain.


You don’t have to understand or even believe in the theory of acupuncture in order to get the benefit of treatment. Knowing how it works may be of interest, but the theoretical knowledge of this modality is vast, so ignorance can be just as blissful.




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